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Jason Calhoun



words by sammy maine

Formally known as naps, Jason Calhoun today shares the title track from his forthcoming new album, Jedidiah. It’s one of ten separate field recordings, wherein Calhoun used each to determine the general length and progression of the tracks. During the writing process, he found limitation to be the most important aspect of the endeavour, even if the final piece didn’t even include the original recording at all.

That’s where the magic lies in “Jedidiah.” It’s taking a transient excerpt from the natural world and morphing it in a way that makes uncertainty feel somewhat tangible, a lily pad in a precarious, murky pond. “I found myself contemplating the smallness of human age in the context of nature, the joy that letting go can bring, and the importance of resisting being swept along by capitalist advancement and destruction,” Calhoun says of creating the LP.

The quilt-blanket essence of this six-and-a-half-minute ambient work embraces the waves of the unknown, crafting an active yet slow and patient resistance to a world that regularly rewards the voices that scream the loudest. In his effort to stare-down the turmoil of this winner-takes-all existence, Calhoun creates a quiet gesture of defiance.

There’s an imperturbable tranquillity to the track’s pace, where distorted footsteps echo like a fetal heartbeat. However, these steps aren’t some futile endeavour. Instead, Calhoun weaves together these enchanting, celestial melodies to bring forward a cathartic conclusion; in the final minute of the track, a sparkling, child-like sequence is introduced, signalling a new beginning of tentative optimism, despite the darkness that shrouds our sight. “Those close to me have said that this album is perhaps darker than previous works, and they may be correct,” Calhoun adds. “Within this sadness, there is still a hope, a sense of gentle wonder for what the future may bring.”

Jedidiah is released via Dear Life Records on February 14th.

You can pre-order it here


Jason Calhoun on tour with Michael Cormier:

Feb 15: Takoma Park, MD @ Rhizome
Feb 16: Charlottesville, VA @ The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative
Feb 17: Pittsburgh, PA @ 1perfectunion
Feb 18: Cincinnati, OH @ Northside Tavern
Feb 19: Chattanooga, TN @ The Spot
Feb 20: Asheville, NC @ Static Age
Feb 21: Greenville, SC @ Cabin Floor Records
Feb 22: Raleigh, NC @ Ash Hous
Feb 23: Richmond, VA @ TBD
Feb 24: Philly, PA @ First UU Side Chapel


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