Track Premiere:

Her Harbour

“Chime & Knell”


words by tom johnson

photograph by jamie kronick


“It’s about the juxtaposition of life and death in the spring. I began writing it in the last stretches of the winter, when the snow was first melting and the dormant land was beginning to thaw…”

If ever a poetic introduction for the song it deserved, then “Chime & Knell“, the stunning new track from Her Harbour, is it. Gabrielle Giguere’s talk of such seasonal stylings is beautifully played out in real time, her new song quietly, gently coming to life across six-and-a-half exquisite minutes; a stretch of time that instantly propels Her Harbour to 2017’s most illustrious class of newcomers.

Led by a soft run of keys and Giguere’s exceptionally evocative lead voice, the new track acts as the most compelling of foreword’s to her new album, which is released early next month, and it positively aches with solitude. “In a season that had always seemed abundant with life, I felt haunted by death, she says, of the track’s inspiration. “I saw it in the landscape and everything that surrounded me.”

Similarly haunting to lead track “Hewing Crowns“, Chime & Knell leaves a mightily impressive mark. While there can sometimes be an eagerness to reveal your full hand on debut releases, what’s perhaps most impressive is the nature by which Her Harbour keeps so much hidden. The mood is vague and dream-like throughout but such blurriness lends an ever greater sense of both intrigue and wonderment to the track, which, while shaped by solemnity, exudes a sense of calm and, perhaps, hope, amid the surrounding gloam. Listen below.

New LP ‘Go Gently Into The Night’ is released on February 3rd, via E-Tron Records


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