Track Premiere:




by tom johnson

With that measured chug of guitar, and most alluring of lead vocals, Haste welcome us to their brand new track, “Observatory“, offering another wonderfully compelling glimpse in to their new record, which arrives at the end of the month via the ever-reliable Track & Fields Records.

Premiering below from today, the new cut is a beautifuly simmering piece of evocative guitar-pop, Jasmine Wood working her intangible magic into three-minutes that seem to transport the listener right in to the heart of the story being told. Recorded live last winter, in multiple rooms of an old house in St. John’s, Portland, the album, and this track, exudes the kind of melancholic warmth that feel entangled with such endeavours; Wood’s dense delivery casting imagery of grandiose rooms lost to the passing of time, of drifting dust clouds in occasional shards of light, of something far greater than itself.

It all makes for a wonderfully affecting journey, and if its indicative of the rest of the record then 2016 still has another gem up its sleeve. Hold those end-of-year lists and check-out the new track below.

‘Annabelle’ is released on November 29th, via Track & Field Records


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