Track Premiere:

Griff Lynch

“Don’t Count On Me”


by ross jones

As the frontman of Welsh-speaking synth enthusiasts Yr Ods, enigmatic musician Griff Lynch let an energetic imagination loose across sprawling pop that intrigued as much with its sparkling, wildly foundations as it’s penchant for delivering in their native language. Now stepping out on his own, Lynch is experimenting not only with the English tongue on this occasion, but an even more oracular personality that deals in self-depreciating realities and a sharp wit that makes for an encompassing listen.

New single ‘Don’t Count On Me‘ is a prime example of Lynch’s zany approach – bounding from modest piano into huge bolts of blown out synth, its conducted from the front – whipping up a theatrical but utterly practical thematic that exhibits the defining intention of standing up for your own perspective. Lynch’s powerful vocal brings a splash of fitting rationality to the vivacity that invades throughout, the single a marked moment of pragmatism.

You can stream ‘Don’t Count On Me’ below. Here’s what Griff had to say about the track:

‘Dont Count on Me’ tries to combine some groovy old school bass lines with electronic beats. The song contains a lot of self-pitty, self-centred and inward looking, trail of thoughts lyrics, referring to different periods within 2016.

“Don’t Count On Me” is released on February 10th, via I KA CHING


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