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by tom johnson

Sitting as something of a bitter aside, Irish quartet Enemies announced their third full-length record, released next month via Topshelf Records, will also be their last. Approaching their tenth year as a band, the “Valuables” LP might well be their end-point, but the record is far from being a whimper; the early promise of the singles indicative of a mighty collection of songs that sits head-and-shoulders above most rock records you’ll hear all year. A swirling, sumptuous meeting of heart and minds, the new record’s reputation is bolstered once more by the release of their strikingly beautiful new track “Glow” which we’re very pleased to unveil today.

Following on from the expansive, charming math-pop of previous track “Leaves“, the new cut is a markedly significant statement, incorporating a spaced-out, blissful swell of instrumentation which comes coupled with an evocative guest vocal from Louise Gaffney of Dublin’s Come On Live Long, resulting in something profoundly tender and affecting. Drifting on for five all-consuming minutes, the track (and album) are prefaced by a letter from the band which defines ‘Valuables’ as a “passion project”, free from the expectations that were initially stunting any kind of progress, which were the quartet eventually swept aside to record something they could proudly leave behind in their name. Listening to the nuanced, evocative spread of “Glow”is testament to such ideals, and it might well be this band’s most significant moment to-date.

The brilliant full record is released on December 9th via Topshelf Records; you can check out the new track below.

“Valuables” is released on CD, Vinyl & Cassette on December 9th, via Topshelf Records

You can pre-order it here



photograph by niall o’kelly

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