Del Sur | Lifeguards

by tom johnson

It’s a good thing that inspiration can be pulled as readily from the mind as literal situations because it means that songwriters such as Michael Collier can write hazy, Sun-filled odes to the beach even though the majority of his time is spent in Philadelphia; the city that the quartet currently call home.

Hastily prepping the release of their new EP, the weird but often wonderful H.A.G.S, Del Sur today release a taster from it in the form of the blissed-out, hazy crawl of ‘Lifeguards‘. Premiering below, the track is built around a dreamy guitar run that does it best to prop up the apathetic vocals which float along in unison; drifting in and out of each, the two create the kind of platonic weave that can lift you out of whatever situation you find yourself in to somewhere far more idyllic.

Tempered but unassuming, it’s a no-less compelling moment of short, sharp beauty – and you can check it out below right now.

H.A.G.S is released on January 27th.


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