Track Premiere:

Chai Khat

“Hail Satin”


by ross jones

Chai Khat aren’t ones to dwell on the past or the future – they fully embrace the current scope of modern existence, not wasting a second pondering over what ifs. On debut single “Hail Satin” they breathe that optimistic air into something substantial and inspiring – a new-pop record with European influence and worldly aspirations.

“Hail Satin” is about the transient nature of things, artificiality and the attempt to be something other than you are. By accepting and living the very moment, you forget your fear of the future. The here and now embodies your entire life. Even if it means that you don’t see each others’ real faces, you know that it’s reality just then. Two people trapped in a moment of time without worrying about what comes next, held in the presence of their desire. Do they dare? Will they indulge their instincts and ignore all the warnings? Only a breath decides between orgasm and fall.”

There’s a succinct persuasion to how Chai Khat comprehensively arrange such notions – recording entirely in analogue, they craft something practical and dynamic that’s worthy of such predominant matters. Most importantly they make it sound effortlessly gratifying – the splashing synth and fragmented beats imperative to its conciseness.

“Hail Satin” is the first single to be lifted from Chai Khat’s debut LP, which is set to be released in early 2017.

Stream “Hail Satin” for the first time below.


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