Track Premiere:


“You Hallucinate”


by tom johnson

Some tracks are harder to write about than others. Soldiering on for eight imposing minutes, CARE’s new track “You Hallucinate” is one such piece; a mystifying, staggering pop song that leaps between sprawling instrumental runs and the scorched, impassioned lead vocal that heads the whole thing through this often wild journey.

Preceding brand new album ‘Luv In The Ruins‘ – a seventy-minute adventure that comes hand-in-hand with an art book featuring photographs by Chris Cox and annotated album texts – the new track is a magnificent beast; a thick-edged, electronic-tinged pop song that pours out of the speakers like warm blood through cold veins. While the ebb-and-flow is minimal, save for one vocal breakdown around the six minute mark, the track compels by simply wrapping itself around the listener as it rolls on and on and on through its dark, mysterious, and brilliantly captivating landscape.

The full record is released on January 6th via Winspear (Kevin Krauter, Hoops). Check-out the pre-order links below and listen to the new song right here:

New album ‘Luv In The Ruins’ released on January 6th, via Winspear

Pre-order it here



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