Boom Forest | Been

[GFP Premiere]


by tom johnson

Having just a spent a number of weeks traveling around the United States I see it in a different light. Or perhaps, a light that has been pin-pointed and reinforced. I expected a wild, momentous, sprawling landscape with human touches crammed in to awkward spaces and for the most part that’s exactly what I found; small lives crammed into smaller towns surrounded by seismic expanses, big ideas of the ways of the world surrounded by such empty stretches so broad that they’re left to simmer rather than flourish.

To me, Boom Forest’s beautiful new album sounds much the same. A riveting presentation of moods and genres that touches upon so much of what’s come before but informed by a vision for something else, something greater than previously imagined. New track ‘Been‘, which is premiering below, is the epitome of such aspirations. Buried somewhere is a simple folk song but that’s not enough, the track fixing it’s beady eye on something far off in the distant and reaching for it no matter what. The soft electronic flourishes bring a sumptuous sense of sharpness to the track, wrapping the whole thing up in a dizzyingly pretty haze, all soft light rushes and simmering sentiments left to hang in the air, unattached and ambiguously compelling.

Lifted from the forthcoming ‘Post Knight Errant‘ LP, you can check out the striking new track below; both the finalised studio version and an equally affecting live video. We also asked John Paul Roney, the man behind the music, for his take on ‘Been’ and this is what he had to say:

“I’d had that little melody “I wanna know where you been” in my head for years. It’s that moment where someone passes the threshold from attractive to intriguing. That moment is always intoxicating- one of life’s solitary joys. I ended up finishing this track after getting back from playing guitar with Foreign Fields at Bonnaroo. Wandering from show to show there was a clear line in the sand of bands that limited themselves to a genre and those that were only limited by their creativity. I let go of some artistic notions I had about myself from that point on and this was one of the first songs that came from that new perspective.”


Post Knight Errant is released on November 6th.

Pre order: iTunes / Physical

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