Big Air | Vibe Patrol

[GFP Premiere]


by tom johnson

If ‘Stay The Night‘ was the reckless introduction, the fleeting and boisterous introduction to kick-start it all, then new track ‘Vibe Patrol‘ is the moment when Big Air fully let loose. A chaotic mass of swirling guitars, scorched vocals and throbbing tension, it sounds something like No Age fighting to the death with Of Montreal – and as absolutely wonderful as that sounds.

Lifted from the forthcoming new record which drops later this month via the ever-fruitful Forged Artifacts, the track is a suitably pensive chasm, the kind of racket that manages to feel relentlessly imposing and in-your-face while still feel momentous and sprawling. Initially led by Rob Dobson’s tumultuous vocal chords, they finally give way to the instrumentation, allowing the mass of guitars and percussion to drag the track kicking-and-screaming to its gigantic closing parade. Check out the track below and be sure to follow the pre-order links while you’re at it.

‘Don’t Care’ is released on 18th September, via Forged Artifacts

Pre-order the tape via Bandcamp


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