Art Contest | Tokyo Megaplex

[GFP Premiere]


by tom johnson

One of those tracks that makes genrefying a completely redundant undertaking, ‘Tokyo Megaplex‘, the huge new track fromĀ Art Contest, is a complex beast of song that jolts between varying moods, tones, and textures so quickly and emphatically that it simply defines simple classification. A rare but extremely enjoyable aspect of the South Carolina band’s work.

Following on from ‘Wall Ball‘ – which previously premiered on Stereogum – this new track is another cut to be pulled from the band’s 2016 LP ‘Two Songs‘ and is a wildly knotty four-minutes, where mathy guitars meet thunderous spells of percussion and the kind of emphatic vocal call that sticks in your head for days and days. “I AM NOT A RIOT!” shouts frontman Coleman Munro as a dizzying spell of instrumentation flows and rushes around him. It’s not relentless though, the instrumental breakdown in the heart of the track is a captivating and refined, a flowing interlude from the over-riding escalation of noise, which slowly claws its way back to the forefront for the chaotic ending that invariably arrives.

A smart, raucous and often thrilling concoction of mood and texture, ‘Tokyo Megaplex’ is a forcible next-step from the duo and one which forces their new album in to the upper echelons of essential 2016 releases. Bring it on.


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