The Icypoles | Babies

by Tom Johnson

Sometimes all it takes is for a few of our favourite things to come together under the umbrella of a press release, and we’re completely smitten. It does, of course, take much more than that, but we’re suckers for anticipation. It has to have the meat for the bones, a chink of magic to back-up our already sweaty palms and racing hearts.

The Icypoles hail from Melbourne and the foursome are currently prepping their debut full-length. The bands introduction not only pledges an allegiance to those wunderkids Architecture In Helsinki (their album is produced by AIH’s Haima Marriott) but also offers nods to Bande à Part and Twin Peaks. At the very least first single Babies was going to be an interesting ride, in reality it’s simply brilliant. Exciting, raw and completely unique, it’ll draw you in until there’s simply no getting away. Bring on the album then.

‘My World Was Made For You’ is released on April 28th, via Highline Records.

Highline Records

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