Husbands | Stay Gold


by tom johnson

Ah the temerity of summer, constantly teasing us with all of its excessive sense of wonderment before burying it under a crushing blanket of weather and circumstance, leaving only just enough light for us to yearn for its reappearance all over again.

Taking that sense of sauntering frustration and shaping it in to three-and-a-half of minutes of hazy dream pop is DC/Oklahoma duo Husbands who have shared ‘Stay Gold’ from their new record, just in time for it to worm its way in as the down-trodden anthem of the current season. Like a soundtrack to every wasted opportunity that slipped away this year, the track uses downtrodden vocals to set the tone; weaving them in and out of a rolling guitar line that provides the track’s dancing spine.

As always, with tracks of this ilk, it’s difficult to really pinpoint why it captivates as much as it does but the proof, as they say, is in the pudding and, as the track quietly unrolls like a single lit road in to the dark of night, with all the disparate magic that holds, you’ll be left wondering how you made it so far through this dulled Summer without ‘Stay Gold’ by your side. Check it out below and stream the whole record here.

New album ‘Golden Year‘ is out now.

Listen/buy via Bandcamp


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