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Hannah Georgas

“All That Emotion”


Released at the beginning of September, in the fade between seasons, Hannah Georgas’ new album is a sumptuous soundtrack to the onset of autumn. Beautifully crafted, and tenderly produced (by The National’s Aaron Dessner, no less) All That Emotion is one of the year’s most captivating bursts of poignant indie rock. It’s out now, and you can listen alongside Georgas’ own trackbytrack guide. Read it below.


words by hannah georgas

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This song was inspired by the feeling I’ve had of letting my emotions build up inside and not necessarily being consciously aware of it. It ends up triggering me when I’m not ready. I know that I suppress my emotions sometimes and try to keep on like I’m ok. It ends up weighing me down in the end. This song is about hiding behind emotions you probably should express but feeling alone.

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I was going through a break-up around the time that I wrote this song and I was feeling as though I didn’t get proper closure to the relationship.  I was sad and frustrated that I couldn’t communicate my emotions and I felt like they weren’t giving a lot back in return. I felt like I had a lot to say but couldn’t really get through at all.

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In my past I have let my insecurities play into relationships and have pushed people away because I have felt like I’m not good enough. This song explores the idea of breaking down those barriers and being more open. It’s about finding happiness within yourself and realizing that we’re deserving of love. It’s about learning how to not push the great things away.



I met up with a good friend of mine for dinner one evening. She was in the midst of planning her wedding and had sent out her wedding invitations. She was upset because of a response she received back from a family member. They explained that they didn’t want to attend her wedding because she was marrying another woman. It was upsetting to see my friend go through all of this during a time where she should have been celebrating. I come from a conservative family and struggle with being on a different page with my beliefs. This song is about questioning why it’s so difficult to accept each other’s differences and accepting that sometimes the people we want approval from the most are not going to give you that. Aaron had emailed me an instrumental idea a little while back before this encounter I had with my friend. I ended up writing Pray it Away over his instrumental the next day after my friend and I had that conversation.



This song is about feeling lost in a relationship and feeling like you never really knew the person you were with. This is one of my favourite tracks off the album because of the approach Aaron took with the production. I love when his guitar line enters during the pre-choruses. It gives me shivers when I hear it.


This song is about trying to change someone that’s not right for you and holding on to a relationship in hopes that they will eventually change. Aaron had this interesting idea to add a rhythmic textured talking part throughout the verses. At the time I wasn’t really sure how that would work but it opened up a whole new meaning to the song for me. The talking vocal became the voice in my head that is actually speaking the truth about being in a dysfunctional relationship. The main vocal is the voice that wants to ignore the elephant in the room and just stay in the relationship. 


I initially wrote this song on guitar but ended up finding a different arrangement on the piano while I was recording with Aaron. Aaron built such a beautiful atmosphere around my piano and vocals. I remember recording this song late in the evening at Long Pond and feeling like it was such a magical moment. This song feels like a stream of consciousness or an inner dialogue with myself. I find myself often thinking about how our upbringing can impact who we are and what we believe about ourselves. This song is unpacking some of those thoughts.



I struggle with anxiety and stress from time to time. I know that when I have all of that all under control I feel like I can accomplish anything. This song is about the feeling you experience when you step out of the way of your own fear, anxieties and doubts.



Aaron and I tried a couple of different versions of this song when we were recording it at Long Pond. We started off with a more intimate slow vibe for it and started to feel like it needed to have a more upbeat feel. I’m really happy with where we landed with it. This song is inspired by the patterns and bad habits I’ve created from past relationships and my upbringing. I start playing stupid games because of my own insecurities. 



This song is about trying to get over someone and move forward. Knowing that there will be a time you’ll look back and realize they were never right in the first place. It’s about recognizing that change is a powerful thing and even though at the time it feels crazy someday something good will come out of it.



This song is about questioning why someone you care about can’t take responsibility for their actions. They continue to place blame on everyone else except themselves. You kinda feel like there’s no way to salvage the relationship. I loved recording this song with Aaron and Jon. It felt really intimate and powerful to sing the song live off the floor with Aaron alongside playing piano.


All That Emotion is out now,

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