Shell Of A Shell

“Already There”


words by tom johnson

Raw and frenetic, in the kind of way that grips from the outset, Already There is the mighty new EP from Shell Of A Shell, and the latest – and last – addition to Exploding In Sound’s exemplary tape club series, which has also included the likes of(Water From Your Eyes, Maneka, Anna Altman, and more.

Led by Chappy Hull, also of Gnarwhal and Pile, Shell Of A Shell rip through the five songs here, mostly always at break-neck speed, save for the occasional splash of restrain, the whole disappears in a bluster of gnarly, shredding guitar and vociferous vocals, finding a place among the more rabid band’s on Exploding In Sound’s ever-engaging roster.

The EP is released today, and available to purchase via the Bandcamp player right here. The band play at GFP’s SXSW showcase with Community Records, next Friday 16th March (more details here) and have also taken the time to put together a track-by-track guide to the whole EP, which you can find below. Check it out now:

Track-by-track guide

Problem: In my head when I was writing this song I wanted it to be heavy as fuck. Everyone was gonna be playing the rhythm that I ended up playing in the song and it was gonna be this weird mix of some chuggy Melvins type stuff and polished Deftones shit. Once I brought it to everyone else we jammed on the drone that chugs through most of the song and Nick was playing super light and everyone was kind of in their own zone which ended up being 1,000 times better than the boring song I had envisioned. That’s why playing music with other people is so great. It takes the boring as hell songs you write and makes them kind of cool.

Already There: So the third time I dropped out of college I got really bored and decided to start this band as a bedroom project with garageband. This was the first song I “finished” but the original version is just me playing through really awful guitar plug-ins and programmed drums with different lead parts. I was really into guitarmonies at that point in my life too I guess because it sounds way more like epic video game music than this but it is kind of cool, just goofy as hell.

To Disappear: The lyrics for this song were originally a fucking essay. Then it seemed so silly to have a song about withdrawing from the world be so preachy. Editing is very nice.

Rotten Plan: I had kind of the opposite effect of ‘Problem’ happen to this song with the ending. I had planned the last riff in this song just to happen a few times and then fade off but when we played it together the first time Nick just kept playing and it added so much to have a jam at the end of the song. This song has so many builds in it, it would have been so anticlimactic to stop so abruptly.

Who will be there?: Maybe the second time I dropped out of college or maybe it was the third, David Sabludowsky from Casual Burn wanted to start a heavy punk band with me and some other friends and we had a couple songs that were pretty cool but ended up fizzling out before we played a show. This was the last song we were figuring out. It had the exact same structure and everything just imagine a metal band playing it instead. If I’m not mistaken Casual Burn also took a song from that band that never happened and made it one of their songs too.



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