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Today sees the release of Remedies Ahead, the third full-length from Angle-America duo Rue Royale. Already gaining plaudits from both the online and written press, the record is a strong-hearted journey through darkened Americana backdrops and  the pairs always transfixing vocal twists and turns. We asked the band to talk us through each track on the record and you can read what they had to say while streaming the record in full via the player below…

Track-by-Track | Rue Royale

Changed My Grip

This track was written a long time ago on the road. We played it out in a much more folky way for a few years before recording a demo last year with samples taken from a drummer friend’s soundcheck. Using imaschine on his phone, Brookln created a little glitchy drum track which changed the whole vibe. We took that demo into the studio and tried to recapture that weird drummy bit in the middle. It’s a scary way to start our new album, new sounds for us.

Set Out To Discover

Written in our kitchen about a week before going into the studio but loosely based on chord change and melody we had sang through and demoed in our friends living room in Berlin. This whole season is represented by this song, our first single, setting out to try new things and push on new doors.

Tiny Parcels

A fragile personal song that was changed completely in the studio when our co producer Paul Pilot had an idea. It was a little frightening to let him take a musical journey on such a personal song but it paid off as we love the glitchy guitar and synth samples that form the backbone of this track.

Pull Me Like A String

Written on an old short scale & high strung Fender Musicmaster in a bedroom in Berlin. Brookln came out with the whole thing (music and lyrics) in ten minutes. He needed a creative moment on tour and it just so happened the guitar and amp that were set up had a song in ’em.

Dark Cloud Canopies

Lyrically this song might be inspired by the grey of the UK that has been quite a shocker for USA born-and-bred Brookln 🙁

Almost Ghostly

A very personal insight into our relationship. We don’t usually write so overtly about this stuff but it came out on tour in Italy and we finished it off during a soundcheck in Oxford. Both times the rooms were chock full of reverb and I think this lent itself to our willingness to sing personally and vulnerably. The recording was a little bit more fun though, plenty of delayed drums and harmonising guitars on this one!

Carving Up Islands

A simple love song. Brookln wanted to record this one live. Guitar and vocals were recorded together in one take.

Shouldn’t Have Closed My Eyes

This was started on tour years ago. A reflection of how you meet and create moments and friendships but move on after only a few hours on tour. How often did we miss great conversations and people because we were in our own tour bubble of tiredness. We added dark deep almost out of tune piano to this after experimenting with that in Italy during a long well engineered sound check that also created Almost Ghostly.

Settle In Settle Down

We always think life will settle down but we now know you just have to settle into the journey. Sonically we chose to leave Brookln’s vocal off this recording for a few reasons. Mainly because he was leading a lot of the new songs on the album and we needed a balance. The drums were added at home hours before mastering because I couldn’t let it go without the “missing something”. Brookln obliged with some lovely drums takes late into the night.

Try As They Might

Written years ago whilst Brookln was in another band. It has been following us around it seems. Our good friend and touring musician Kim Janssen insisted we played it on tour with him years ago and when we released it on a cassette with him last year it provided the anthem type musical soundscape for our Kickstarter campaign. Just days before mastering we stripped it a little, made some changes and added it to the album. It was recorded at home before the album was made. A late add on because our friends insisted again! 🙂

Brought Up Somewhere Else

Lyrically this is an obvious hint at our feelings of geographical displacement. The USA for me a few years ago and the UK for Brookln now. We created the piano parts first thing on the first day of recording. Adding tremolo to an acoustic piano created a lovely vibe we went to a few times during the recording process.

Every Little Step

This was the late bloomer in the studio. We ran out of time. I was scribbling lyrics to the verse Brookln had spearheaded weeks before. I couldn’t let it go. I think i adopted this song and fought to finish it during the last days and hours in the studio. At one point, we realised we needed a little something extra lyrically and we were chatting it through, singing it with a guitar in the control room and Brookln came out with “can’t go back, can’t go backwards”. At that point we knew we had something special here. Paul came up with a better structure during mixing but I just sang the vocals as an idea in one take, a scratch vocal really, and they ended up being the only vocals we recorded.

Remedies Ahead is out now.

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