Kississippi | Dogmas

by Tom Johnson

It’s a rare thing to find a band without any info floating around them at all. In today’s world even the most lackadaisical musical endeavours seem to come with a snazzy website, handsome profile picture, extravagant biography and so on. While that’s a product of the industry, and something we’d be lost without, there’s still something wholly satisfying about discovering a song that can bury itself in your chest while keeping all of its cards so close against its own.

Dogmas‘ is a new track from Kississippi and while there is a Bandcamp page to present it, we can’t find anything else. It comes from Philadelphia, it belongs to a forthcoming EP and it’s utterly gorgeous. Woozy vocals set to eminently pretty guitar strums and yearning vocals which only further enhance the shadowed nature of the creators. Vocals which gift-wrap lyrics so compelling, in fact, that perhaps it’s only right that we should be left with them and them alone.

you were swallowing god damning dogmas

rough palmistry your hands could not align

unsexed you borrowed callow spit, not lost

no, looking for a space, just not mine


redolent with skin of unknown

unwary hands, nomadic ghost

levied words from my spiteful throat

understanding where my thoughts go

you’d build a boat out of my bones


i thought i’d reclaim you for the ocean

but i could not cradle you with dirty hands

no star death casketed in palms like these

white knuckles cracking, playing simple maths


we were squealing

dogs with bad dreams

eyes that smile, gaze so dimly

isolated, nursing skinned knees

i’m weaker than i thought i’d be

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