Baked | Don’t Trip

First singles are a tricky thing to navigate for any band, but up-and-comers Baked’s new offering, ‘Don’t Trip’ is more than just an ironic title as it packs a hazy punch within its laid back beats and lazily chilled vocals. It’s so laid back it’s almost lying down on a lilo, floating around a private pool in the depths of The Valley in Cali. Ending in a haze of distortion, ‘Don’t Trip’ oozes vibes out of every pore, creating a wistful melodrama that’s easy to get lost in at this time of the year.

Following on from the New York five-piece’s previous EP on Forged Artifacts, the equally great Exploding In Sounds will release the bands debut full-length on August 19th, and you can check out this dazzling first cut from it below, alongside two other tracks from the record.

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