Papertwin | Alkaline

by Mark Robinson

Coming to us from Brooklyn, NY, Papertwin are a Synth-pop trio that also like to dabble with large slices of shoegaze wedged in between the beats – and my word does it work.

Alkaline’ manages to sound massive, yet secluded all at once; the juddering electronic beat pulsates throughout its near five-minute duration and never tires on the ears. The first minute lays the foundations down as the intro gives way to the main hook of the song, followed by the simple but effective drum beat by Francis Cardinale, who clearly understands the basics on dynamics and uses them superbly. The song manages to flow between the tone of late 80’s dreampop and shozegaze, but feels effortlessly current as well. Highly recommended, watch the video below.

Alkaline is taken from the forthcoming ‘Vox Humana’ EP, out June 17th.

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