Big Search | Role Reversal

by LJ Kessels

Role Reversal‘ is the title song of Big Search’s new album, which will be released on May 20th by Jaunt Records. The project was almost lost due to the classic tale of great musical genius almost being lost to the world – due to a short attention span on the side of its maker. In this case Big Search, a.k.a. LA harmony slinger Matt Popieluch, had previously released limited-edition pressings of his home-recorded work ‘Lay of the Land‘ as well as some singles but had lost interest when it came to releasing new material.

Luckily the work has been saved from obscurity by the encouragement of Popieluch’s friend and record company. Without them we wouldn’t be able to hear the raw, contemporary sounds that are now coming through our speakers. The strong point of this song lies in its instrumental intermezzo, where we are treated to contemplation’s from an unlikely collection of instruments, creating a brass section with a twang.

Listen to his nearly-lost magic below.

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