ConveyorTheme I (Monster Rally Remix

by LJ Kessels

Gold Robot Records is bringing forth Conveyor’s new double LP Prime, to be released on July 15th, 2014. The music on Prime was composed and performed alongside two midnight screenings of George Lucas debut film ‘THX 1138‘ (1971) in December of 2013 at Nitehawk Cinema in Brooklyn, New York. The bulk of the recordings were subsequently captured live at the Silent Barn, also in Brooklyn, on January 3rd.

It’s first cut is ‘Theme I‘ and recalls William Basinski’s eerie ‘The Disintegration Loops‘; a haunting mesotropic loop caught between an esoteric meditative dance and the joyous bells of a Hare Krishna procession. It accompanies Lucas’s film of a couple rebelling against an Orwellian future beautifully. And invites one to organize screenings of this film with the sound turned off and the record playing in it’s stead.

For all involved in it’s creation this record comes at an odd time, seeped in frustration, but that has no impact on the inviolability and purity of the concept behind this record. It compels one forward, leaving no choice but to follow the path it leads down.

You can pre-order Prime on 2 x LP via Gold Robot here.

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