Jarbird | More Bad Celebrity Poetry

by LJ Kessels

More Bad Celebrity Poetry‘ is a dazzling composition of synth voices, echoing a twang of sadness in their celestial bodies. The strength of the chorale sound in a marriage with synthpop has a stunning result. Jarbirds debut single was released by Tape Club Records on April 7th and it comes backed by another great song by the London-based five-piece band, in the form of the equally impressive ‘Such Is The House‘, which we previously covered here.

The official video is by film collective Crowns and Owls and it acts as a beautiful compliment to the song as it manages to present a stark sad picture of loss. As we watch a man dealing with the death of his wife, we see the brave face in light of an immanent demise and a walk toward saying goodbye. As the images flutter past the song strengthens it’s power and the words forge a more profound message beyond their literal meaning. The combination of element produces a piece of striking poetry. Watch/listen below.



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