Witching Waves | Concrete

by Tom Johnson

Buried somewhere beneath the grubby streets of London is an even darker and dingier world created by boy/girl duo Witching Waves. Emma Wigham and Mark Jasper started making music together last year and are currently preparing to unleash the fruits of their labour in the form of a new cassingle, via the ever-worthy Soft Power Records.

Lead track ‘Concrete‘ is a brash and menacing three-and-a-half minutes where limbs flail, eyes glare and pulse rates rise and rise and rise until you’re either sprinting away from them as fast as possible, or following them down whichever alley they lead you. It’s a brilliant introduction to a band that are certainly worth keeping an eye on – if you can dare to hold their gaze, that is. Listen to ‘Concrete‘ below.

Concrete is released as a limited edition cassette single, via Soft Power, on April 21st.



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