Pattern Is Movement | Climb To Me

by Lior Phillips

The lyrics here are straightforward; the music is nothing but. ‘Climb To Me‘, from Pattern Is Movement’s upcoming self-titled fourth album, opens with what is essentially an incredibly sturdy mid-tempo backbeat (e.g.: you can dance, maybe even smooth-grind to it). The intro is so proudly faithful to the blues and as Andrew Thiboldeaux’s vocals flutter across a choral blend revealing dense and fidgety strings, the layers start convulsing into a wider, plumper synth brass tone.

It’s the cautious and unexpected chord shifts that make it clear this song is as straightforward as a foreign road sign. Dang if it isn’t a refreshing hint of Dirty Projectors – just a hint – in composition and melodic core. Whether this new track is by product of age, epiphany or just general gusto, it turns out the more the band climb to hysteria, the more obvious their talent becomes.

Pattern Is Movement, the new self-titled album, is out April 1st, via the brilliant Hometapes. Listen below.

Pre-order on limited edition LP package here.

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