Lowell | Cloud 69

by Lior Phillips

Naturally, it’s a guaranteed good day when Arts & Crafts announce a new family member to their roster. It’s even more of a cracker when it takes something silly like 2.01 seconds for said member to whip you by the neck, grab your hair and drag you into her world of wonder. It’s kind of a marvel that contrary to Lowell’s mounting list of collaborators (Apparatjik, ft. Coldplay’s Guy Berryman, producer Martin Terefe and Magne from A-ha) she’s only ever come out with one mini-album; 2012’s If You Can Solve This Jumble. She serves as a fitting example of the industry getting it completely right, captivated by her first projects and only becoming more enthused with each subsequent release. With a full length presumably on the horizon, Lowell’s I Killed Sara V. EP is but a few weeks away from release on February 25th.

In the meantime we can caress the new nervy-electro synth single, Cloud 69. By caress, I mean effortlessly lose our inhibitions to the syncopated drum kicks and pitch perfect melodies. Better yet! We can just devote ourselves to the neck-bending beat at the High Gates of Lowell and pulsate together with every dynamite-banging, brain-slamming bump. Lowell flips line after line (“bad boys, you bad bad boys”) on this single, suggesting that she’s buzzing about the usual social commentary of typical ‘bad boy’s and their questionable actions – a realm that doesn’t seem cringe-y when she attacks it.

I don’t think this cloud will dissipate for a while; it might just merit all this devotion after all. Get lost in it below.


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