Cloud | Cherry Dip

by Lee Adcock

I could begin this blurb by writing “It’s been a busy year for Cloud” – but that kind of opening is trite, dull, written from a commercial viewpoint, and quite frankly misrepresents everything that 21-year-old Tyler Taorima stands for. No matter that Cloud has picked up waves of airplay from alternative stations across the globe, or that Pitchfork graced Comfort Songs, the band’s last LP, with their blessings.

What does matter is that Tyler has won our hearts, guided our stray souls, and provided steadfast company to us lost and lonely youths. Including me.

That being said, a new track from Cloud has surfaced on the back of a ‘Cars & It’s Autumn’ single that Audio Antihero recently unveiled. It’s called ‘Cherry Dip‘, and it’s the sweetest little thing that you’ll hear this November. The bleak, heavy drums in the first few, seconds, however, seem to suggest otherwise: what’s this? Is our darling Tyler about to try his hand at some dark ambience? No. Never. Because we swing at once into a tripping beat that’s soon graced with a gently breezy harp and his playful, skipping vocals. If the summer sunshine in a bright green park could be distilled into a tune, it would sound just like this.

Such loveliness can’t be held back any longer. Listen to ‘Cherry Dip‘, alongside the soul-warming A-side, below. The single drops from Audio Antihero on December 12th.

Pre-order the single here.

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