Rose Windows | Wartime Lovers

by Lee Adcock

All right, kids: what is folk these days, anyway? I’m not ever sure anymore – although, to be honest, I feel muddled and incompetent on many a subject in this shuffling music universe.

Today I was feeling especially muddled, weary and dull – a gray day, a wasted morning with a sobbing mother, an overall bleak trajectory. Then I remember that this was in my inbox.

This is Rose Windows, and they’re on the opposite side of the states from me – I’m in the southeast, they’re in the northwest – but after hearing this ‘Wartime Lovers’ single I feel we’ve met before in some bright green, flowery pasture of a childhood reverie set in the 60s. There’s that gentle flute, sweetly caressing the main riff. You can hear bells chiming with the full and mellifluous backing vocals. Licks of harps accent the blissful bridge. And her. Oh, her. Shaheen Quzi has that voice, earthy and soulful, contemporary and timeless all at once, crooning with tempered passion over the rambling beat.

Perhaps you’d call this folk? Maybe. At any rate, Rose Windows do remind me of our good friends Sparrow and the Workshop, but with less snarl and more bloom. And I am in love, in the purest and most naïve way imaginable, and the world is bright and joyous again. Please dig the single below – it’s from their latest LP, The Sun Dogs, which is out now on Sub Pop Records.

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