Oh, man. Where have Weekend been? It’s been three years since their spaced-out, freaked-out debut LP, Sports, in which the San Fran post-punk trio channeled screeching spirits of feedback from the cosmic abyss. And, though their track ‘End Times’ graced the trailer of Dexter’s Season 6, Weekend fell into an extended reverie and haven’t surfaced since.

At last, however, Weekend are back, and plotting a brand new LP, Jinx, that should emerge from Slumberland Records on July 23rd. In April they leaked the urgent, stomping ‘Mirror’, and unveiled a somewhat sharper, more focused style, replete with a ponderous, melodic bass line and buzzing, jagged synths.

Now, Weekend return again with their second single, ‘It’s Alright’, and offer yet another angle to their reworked sound. This one snarls at first with a heavy-handed, fuzzy beat reminiscent of Big Black. Soon, however, we float into some soaring Spaceman 3-esque vocals and swirling clouds of guitar, while the edgy, yet buoyant bass lends a warm, welcoming pulse. Beastly, but absolutely sublime as well.

Listen to It’s Alright below – and mark your calendars for 23 July…


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