Treasureseason | Puget Sound

Last year, a British/Swedish duo known as Treasureseason met under the sunny skies of San Francisco and produced a dazzling, vibrant EP soaked in glorious synths. Since returning to London, however, they’ve laid their wondrous dream world to rest…until now, of course. Treasureseason has signed on to COJA Records, and they’re launching a brand new AA single, Archipelago / Don’t Hold Back, on June 24. To commemorate this grand occasion, they’ve unveiled a fresh track for all the world to download and savor: Puget Sound.

Ahh, yes, perhaps the adjective “dreamy” has become a slight cliché in today’s washed-out soundscape. But from the first mellow synth chords, to the curious warbling sound that warps in and out, to the kisses of percussion and chimes, Treasureseason are indeed crafting an alternate, ethereal world in your head. In this shimmering, floating realm, the vocalist sings sweetly, but wistfully; the generic handclaps supply a lazy, relaxed beat. This is the sound of morning mists dissolving under a rising sun, of a drowsy stroll on a shore yet to be bastardized by swarming tourists. Every trip to Puget Sound yields only pure bliss.

For more sublime moments of sunshine, keep your eyes on Treasureseason this summer. And, until COJO releases that lovely white vinyl in late June, don’t forget to snag your free download of “Puget Sound”, featured below.

Preorder the ‘Archipelago / Don’t Hold Back‘ 7″ vinyl here.

Words by Lee Adcock

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