Some facts; Dead Gaze will release a self-titled collection of tracks from tapes,7”s and 10”s, which are now mostly out of print. It will be released on FatCat sister label Palmist as a vinyl LP and digital download in the UK on 25th March. Dead Gaze is Cole Furlow. His work forms part of the Cats Purring Collective; a north Mississippi collective that also boasts the talents of Dent MayBass Drum of Death and Illls.

Some other things which may or may not be facts; I Found The Ending is fucking brilliant. Listen to it three times in a row and it will own your heart. It sounds like drunkenly stumbling around a big city on a Summer evening. It makes me want to travel. It makes me want to kiss someone. It makes me want to better myself. It makes me believe in everything a little greater than before. It’s a free download in exchange for a Facebook ‘like’.

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