There isn’t enough sheer unabashed indignation in rock music these days. Oh wait, Cuddly Shark have a new album? Sorry, I take it back.

Glaswegian trio Cuddly Shark are another braw addition to the Armellodie roster, first appearing in 2009 with their pleasingly pissed self-titled debut which offered all the hooks and none of the bait. So wahey, they’re finally set to unleash a new LP by the name of ‘The Road To Ugly’  and our first taster of this is “Body Mass Index” which has a hook that I literally cannot believe (please listen to it, I honestly don’t have the words, just trust me) and is probably a lot more FUN than the last thing you bought/felt justified in illegally downloading because “labels need to learn to evolve!!!!!”

Also, I thought I was clever for spotting their Mike Patton influences but apparently I’m not. I suppose that’s something journalists need to learn these days…spotting Mike Patton influences hasn’t been a clever thing to do since Disturbed exhibited them.

“Body Mass Index” is taken from ‘The Road To Ugly’ which will see a release on Armellodie Records (have a look at their “Favourite Five“) come the 28th of January 2013.


P.S Happy New Year, GFPers!

Words by Jamie Hallaman

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