“Oh Diane, I almost forgot…Got to find out what kind of trees these are. They’re really something…”

The Douglas Firs are Edinburgh’s Undisputed Kings of Spook, they released their damn fine, if somewhat un-classifiable debut, ‘Happy As A Windless Flag’ on Armellodie Records in mid-2011 which offered many thrills, chills, gills and spills and then they vanished through the red curtain, back off into the Black Lodge once more. But, friends…it is happening again.

Backroads is the leading song from their upcoming second album, ‘The Furious Sound,’ which is centred on East Lothian Witch trials in 1590. If this gothic-folk-ambient-indie-punker-beauty is anything to go on, then they will kill again, bigger and better than before, hotter than a burning sawmill and more delicious than a slice of cherry pie. The things I tell you will not be wrong.

Sheriff, what kind of fantastic trees have you got growing around here? Big, majestic…

The Furious Sound” comes out December 10th on CD/DL/Cassette via Armellodie:


Words by Jamie Hallaman


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