Tom Brosseau

You Can’t Stop


by tom johnson

Tom Brosseau has the kind of voice that compels you to listen, and I mean really listen. Cracked with age and imbued with melancholy, his antiquated vocals sounds as compelling as ever before on new album ‘North Dakota Impressions‘, the third in his trilogy of records, following on from 2014’s Grass Punks and 2015’s Perfect Abandon – and we’re very pleased to share a teaser track from it today, in the form of the refined glow that is ‘You Can’t Stop‘.

And what a teaser it is. “Love is one powerful bug,” Brosseau croons, above a beautifully woven backdrop of hushed strums and piercing spikes of guitar, and that aforementioned voice casting sentiments to the wind in some great expanse of night, all lovelorn and loose of tongue, romantic and reflective, like a dust settled on photos that once meant the world. You can stream the new track below; it’s introduced by Brosseau himself, who adds a wealth of sensibility to the song in his own, beautifully unique, way.

‘You Can’t Stop’ I wrote when I was living in Venice, California. I was renting one of the Dolphin Court bungalows on North Venice Blvd, a historic set of bungalows from the early 1900s afoot the Venice canals. Expensive rent, but a beautiful spot. Every morning my neighbor across the way would sweep his porch and bat away the cobwebs from the porch light. It seems he had a spider problem.

My favorite love story is one that ends tragically. Search yourself and maybe you’ll agree: It’s not the falling in love part of the story that hooks us in, it’s the part that comes afterward, the part where now that you’ve someone to love you must find the order to maintain it. That alone can be one tall order. Sometimes I think it’s just too powerful; we aren’t equipped to handle it. We burn in the rolling wall of flame.

You may be able to hide from things in your life. And even be good at it. Some hide from debt. Others hide from people. You can hide from the sun. You can’t hide from love. And why would you? Besides, the tell tail signs would just give you away. Like that Morrissey song, where he sings don’t fight it, “…take the easy way. Give in.” Have a taste and burn is much better. But don’t hide…”

– Tom Brosseau

‘North Dakota Impressions’ is released September 16th, via Crossbill Records

You can pre-order it here

UK October Tour:

13th October: One Church (w/ Kristin McClement) – BRIGHTON
14th October: Moka East – LONDON
15th October: The Swiss Cottage Sessions, TWYFORD
16th October: Salt Café – BRISTOL
19th October: Eagle Inn – MANCHESTER
20th October: The Basement – YORK
21st October: Moka East – LONDON
22nd October: Albion Beatnik – OXFORD


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