Tiny Fireflies | Melody

(The Bilinda Butchers Remix)


by tom johnson

A strong remix is, in itself, something of a sporadic victory and it’s even more rare an occasion when such a thing gets its own, equally compelling, video. Fighting the norm on both counts comes The Bilinda Butchers’ beautiful reworking of Tiny Fireflies suitably dreamy track ‘Melody‘. Released earlier this month, the enchanting, dream-pop soundscape now has its own accompanying film – and we’re very pleased to share that with you today.

Drenched in vivid colours of the night, the new video was crafted by The Bilinda Butchers themselves; the San Fran trio making the new film clip using found-footage to create an immersive, nocturnal treat. The subtle sway of the remix, which features as a bonus tracks on the Japanese release of Tiny Fireflies The Space Between LP, is equally captivating, melding subtle percussive beats with Kristine Capua’s breathy, evocative lead vocal which stretches out across six glorious minutes.

The Space Between‘ is out now, and available via Bandcamp, so check out the new video below and then head across there to find the original version in more habitual surroundings.




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