Tiny Dinosaurs

Sit And Stare


by tom johnson

We all love a good narrative but sometimes the sheer weight of the content outweighs the context it so handily provides to a certain record or artist. Tiny Dinosaurs, the working project of French born, LA-based, Julie Jay has more of a story to tell than most, finding herself in a coma and without speech for six months following “traumatic surgery”. Rather than simply being thankful that she’s even here at all, Jay resolutely fought her way back to fitness and, in the following months, began writing for what would eventually become her new EP, “Awake“, which is released on October 21st.

Led by her most unhurried of vocals, Jay’s work is suitably full of melodrama but it comes underpinned by a genuine touch of elegance that can’t be faked. Such craft was epitomised beautifully by the first track released from the record, “Shut Out The Light“, which was a tender, fascinating crawl bolstered by a guest turn from The Antlers’ Pete Silberman who added suitably hypnotic vocal waverings to the most melodic backdrop.

New single, “Sit & Stare“, is just as encompassing, an even sturdier pop song that its predecessor, which throws a memorable chorus in to another electronic-weathered instrumental. What’s obvious from both of these tracks is Jay’s ability to make the most of her tools; the soft keys that sit behind Sit & Stare would feel almost child-like on their own terms but they feel resoundingly wholesome when wrapped inside the warm elements that accompany it all. Jay’s voice too, while barely wavering from its monochromatic tone, feels distinctly human, carrying the kind of ethereal depth that can change the atmosphere of a room with one glimpse of a word.

Engineered by James Frazee (Beck, Sonic Youth), the new EP looks set to win plaudits not only for the journey that led to its creation but, more pertinently, for the poignant magic that underpins it all. Listen to the two tracks here and be sure to investigate the whole piece when it’s release next month; a companion EP, “Asleep” is due for release early next year.

Pre-order the new EP here, via Bandcamp



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