This is Lorelei

Score Heal Score / The Dirt (The Dancing)

words by tom johnson


As you may or may not know, GoldFlakePaint recently transitioned from a day-to-day blog into a physical journal – a quarterly magazine that offers in-depth writing, personal essays, new music recommendations and more. Essentially, everything we offered on the blog but with more care and consideration, something for your real world home, something with a new smell and touch to appreciate.

While it took a few months to find our feet, Issue One launched at the end of 2018 and we’ve made the decision to release four more versions of the journal across 2019 – subscriptions are available now, right here. Aiming to find a balance between the online site and our new print endeavour, we want to blend these two worlds so that they complement each other, finding new ways to thrive as part of the same bigger picture.

With that in mind, we’re very excited to reveal that we’re giving away 2 new EPs to everyone who orders a copy of Issue 2, thanks to our friends at Sooper Records – the supreme label behind the likes of Nnamdi Ogbonnaya, Options, Sen Morimoto and much, much more.

The two EPs are courtesy of This is Lorelei, the solo project of Nate Amos who has previously covered on GFP within his bands Water From Your Eyes and Thanks For Coming. Weird and wonderful pop music, full of scattered rhythms, clipped vocals, inspired samples, and decadent rabbit holes, his own work is a mesmerising, sometimes claustrophobic offering that tends to come alive in the small hours of the morning when the world is a decidedly different place.

As something of a preview for the full releases, we’re very pleased to share a track from each of the EPs here today. First up, from The Mall, The Country, is the shadowy, skittish ‘Score Heal Score’, a three-minute journey that immediately digs its way under your skin and then gently unravels, somewhat intoxicating as it does so. Check it out below.

From a different place entirely, we’re also very pleased to share the title-track to¬†The Mall, The Country’s companion piece, The Dirt, The Dancing, which enters with an immediate swagger, melding incessant tap-beats with an altogether more exploratory outlook. The mesmeric pattern of the instrumentation, coupled with the swaying nature of the vocals lends the track an Radiohead-esque sense of departure, spiralling on for a near five-minute thrill ride. Check it out below.

A persuasive argument as any for ordering the next issue of A Music Journal – a reminder that you’ll get a digital download of both albums with each and every purchase! – and a thrilling musical adventure in its own right. We certainly recommend spending some time with both tracks today.

You can order the magazine right here, and also pre-order the music only, if that’s your preferred option, with our friends at Sooper Records right here.


Read more about A Music Journal here


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