The Seams

Meet The Seams” LP


by tom johnson

Good old supergroups, eh? There’s something infinitely endearing about such things, and latest consortium The Seams, led by members of Toronto’s Fake Palms, Elsa, and U.S. Girls, deliver on such promises with a dazzling, endlessly endearing collection of indie-pop gems that might well provide the autumnal soundtrack we’re always holding out hope for.

While many of the comparisons drawn so far seem to mention REM, to these ears there’s something far fresher at play here; the songs might jangle with a sense of C86 charm, but they feel decidedly of the moment; short and sharp gems that add a little extra golden glow to a year that desperately requires such a thing.

At its most charming on the tracks that fall shy of the three-minute mark, the majority of the tracks are centred around fuzzy layers of guitar and scattergun percussion, all rounded off by Kyle Connolly’s romanticised lead vocal that takes it precious time over all of its utterances here. A couple of the tracks stick around for longer, and they bring a sense of disquietude to the record that wouldn’t otherwise exist. As mentioned, however, it’s the more restless and energetic moments where Meet The Seams┬áreally comes in to its own – and on the likes of “The Seams“, “Hung Up“, and brilliant closing track “…til we meet again” the band deliver something wonderfully wholesome and laced with charm.

The album is out now, released via Hand Drawn Dracula on limited edition cassette, and you can stream it in full below. Check it out:


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