Corbu ~ Promise Me

by Tom Johnson

Reiteration as pleadance as hope. Promise me, promise me, promise me, if we say it enough it might just stick.

The latest quietened outpouring from Brooklyn’s Corbu is further proof of the bands ceaseless ability to craft smart and emotive pop songs that slowly work their way in to the fibres of your day. Latest addition ‘Promise Me‘ follows a run of singles that stand as some of the most impressive offerings of 2014, a year that has seen the five-piece subtly blossom from promising newcomers in to a band

And so their latest offering shows. Led once again by the smoothest of smooth vocals courtesy of Jonathan Graves, the track exudes a musical warmth, with its sumptuously serene backdrop of layered synths and soft percussion, but the over-riding mood of the piece is then led somewhere else entirely by Graves’ narrative, which emanates a yearning sense of departure, of words left hanging in the air, of rooms left heavy with the crushing weight of silence.

‘Promise Me’ is released on November 24th 2014 through 3Beat, and you can check it out below.

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