Witching Waves ~ Better Run


by Cameron Perry

For the past 18 months or so, Witching Waves have boasted a pretty solid track record. With roots firmly embedded in the cassette-tape underground, the London duo-turned-trio (a newly-appointed bassist makes three) released their earliest tape back in 2013 under Suplex Records and have remained consistently active ever since. Now, as 2014 nears its close, original band members Mark Jaspar and Emma Wigham are demonstrating the fruits of their efforts by bringing dimension to their distinct brand of nervous noise pop.

Better Run‘ the focal track off of Witching Waves’ debut LP Fear of Falling Down, marks what is less a major stylistic shift and more of a perfecting of the past. Frantically-paced and thoroughly charming, the track is full of the punchy idiosyncrasies that have become synonymous with the band name over its span of 3 tape releases and 3 UK tours. With the addition of a bassist and a clarified direction, however, the components of Witching Waves have established themselves as a matured unit.

Better Run‘ is a wonderful example of this fleshed-out sound. Jittery, frenzied, and maybe a little addicting, you can think of it as an auditory sugar high. From the stuttering guitar riffs to Wigham’s wickedly catchy vocals, the entire track is saturated with sunny energy – it’s ’60s pop with shoegaze texture, and the resulting buzz leaves one craving more.

Watch the video for ‘Better Run‘ below. Lo-fi fuzz pairs perfectly with shaky shots of symmetrical breakfasts and tinsel. (Think Wes Anderson,¬†if he were a broke college kid on depressants.)

Fear of Falling Down will be released on limited-edition vinyl and download,

on December 8th via Soft Power Records. Pre-order here.


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