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The Dan Ryan



words by tom johnson

photograph by andy byers

“The Dan Ryan” is not a proclamation of greatness from one man of the same name, it is, in fact, the brooding project of Austin’s Nathan Dixey, backed by fellow GFP-fave RF Shannon, who release a full length record this coming Friday called “Guidance”, which was mixed by the veritable Richard Swift and follows a suitably dusty but playful path as the latter’s own work.

Streaming below today, ahead of that full release, “Reckoning” is indicative of the quiet power that the record holds within, Dixey’s tender vocals still managing to conjure up a restlessness that slowly seeps out from the track’s otherwise sprightly demeanour. Acoustic-led but with swirls of bending guitars flicking in and out of focus throughout, the track is a subtle moment of clarity that never truly lets loose, despite often hinting at such a thing.

The Reckoning is the first song that I wrote for the record,” Dixey says of the track. “It is meant as a meditation for the inevitable changes in life, whether personal or within society. In the end,” he continues, “the soul continues to lead the charge through the new thresholds.”

 ‘Guidance is out July 14th, via Cosmic Dreamer Music

You can pre-order it here



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