Thanya Iyer

“Do You Dream?” Mixtape


words by tom johnson

photograph by frederique berube

It’s always nice to see established labels taking a risk and branching out in to new territory when they already have the comfort of occupying a landscape of their own. Which is to say that Thanya Iyer’s new “Do You Dream?” Mixtape is not your standard Topshelf Records fare but it’s a mightily vibrant and interesting addition to their roster, a glowing combination of sound and colour that dazzles and delights throughout its twenty-or-so minutes.

Released this-coming Friday as the next chapter in Topshelf’s cassette series, the “Do You Dream?” Mixtape is the work of Thanya Iyer, whose self-named project also includes two friends: Alexander Kasirer-Smibert and Daniel Gélina, who add varying textures to Iyer’s bold compositions, as well as little flecks of input from Shaina Hayes (voice), Simon Millerd (trumpet) and the “Mawmz Choir” which features Brigitte Naggar of Common Holly, Sarah Rossy of SHYRE, and Shelby Cohen (Shelby).

Ever-changing throughout, the new mixtape is a gloriously skewed beast, the tempo and tone leaping between vivid moments of sparkling pop junctures, all simmering vocals and gently lapping instrumentals, and then disappearing in to a void of white-noise and experimentation, before the clouds clear once again, just long enough to feel warmth emanating through.

Best taken as one complete movement – in the tradition of all the best mixtapes – we’re pleased to share the whole thing here today – and you can stream it in full below right now.

Buy the “Do You Dream” tape here



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