Teen Brains



by tom johnson

We fell hard for Teen Brains upon their emergence back in early 2014, premiering their brilliant debut and throwing them on to our first ever tape release the same year. Making steady progress since then, the band have this week announced the arrival of a brand new EP – and Translucent is set for release in early September via Witchgirl in the UK and our Citrus City friends over in the U.S.

Tying in with its unveiling comes the title track, and it’s swampy, swarming four-minutes showcases a marked maturity, the drawn-out nature of the track shaped by powerful washes of guitar, half-buried vocals and an underlying current of white noise-esque voice samples that bring about a darkened, somewhat impenetrable, atmosphere to the track, and brooding, foreboding tone that, while difficult to shake, makes for a truly commanding performance.

A very strong introduction to the next Teen Brains chapter – you can check out the new track below.

‘Translucent’ EP out September 12th via Witchgirl Recordings (UK) and Citrus City Records (US)



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