Teen Body


[GFP Premiere]


by tom johnson

Inspired by crystal magick, natural wonders and fast car rides through mountain roads” so says the PR for Teen Body’s forthcoming new record, and while such pleasantries might lead to visions of hippy-like flamboyance, there’s a somewhat striking undercurrent of…well, sadness, or, at least, vexed hesitation, to the band’s shimmering pop music that lends an altogether more compelling edge to their craft.

Premiering below, new track ‘Daymoon‘ again finds the Brooklyn-collective in formidable fashion. Languid, layered vocals fight for space within a tumultuous whirl of instrumentation, the two extremities tumbling together in a heady blur of shapes and limbs. Once again, for all the gleaming urgency of the track’s facade, it retains a compelling sense of something else; not sadness perhaps, but certainly an almost overwhelming feeling of listlessness and agitation. Perhaps its that lilting guitar line, which underpins the whole thing with a graceful sweep or, perhaps, it’s just the band themselves; the incessant, hidden loneliness of a swamped and swarming city personified.

Either way, it sounds marvellous. Check it out below.

Get Home Safe is released on June 17th

Pre-order it here

The band play in Alphaville next week with Melt, Slur and Katrina Stonehart

Event info can be found here



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