Track Premiere:

Tangled Hair

Nao Is My Driver

words by tom johnson

“How about we do exactly what we want for once”

. . .

“It was always the plan – I don’t think there was ever a point when we doubted it. For a while though real life, family, injuries, jobs etc. got in the way, but we got there in the end.” And with those simplest of sentiments Tangled Hair return, bearing the fruits of their much-anticipated labour in the form of brand new track ‘Nao Is My Driver‘ and the news that said song is the first to be plucked from their forthcoming full-and-proper debut album, which is set for release via Big Scary Monsters on March 16th.

Following on from a pair of brilliantly inspired EPs, which, so long ago now, first whetted the appetite, We Do What We Can has been written in the time between, and subsequently recorded in Devon last Summer. “We’ve always been here, laying dormant like hibernating bears, or a sleeping volcano. We intentionally kept things quiet to try and focus on making the best record we could,” the band tell us. “We recorded it last summer in between trips to the pub. The first few songs took a load of takes for us to really warm up; after a day or two we really had it sorted.”

Preceding the album’s release, we’re extremely excited to share a brand new track from it today, and Nao Is My Driver is a timely reminder of their thrilling-but-tender craft, a rousing four-minutes or so that thrusts the trio back in to the here-and-now with formidable immediacy; measured and meticulous, loose and insatiable.

Indicative of their ability to weave moments of blissful release inside rousing, exhilarating unravellings, the band say that it’s a strong gateway to a new record they’re extremely happy with. “We are totally in love with the whole feel and sound of it,” they say about the We Do What We Can LP. “Without trying to be pretentious, the aim was always to capture the sound of ‘us’ if you get what we mean – like someone did a really really good recording of a band practice. We think we caught that.”

You can pre-order the new album here via Big Scary Monsters – and listen to the new song below right away.

Tangled Hair support Tera Melos on their UK dates in March – full details here



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