New Music:

Sunshine Faces

The colder the air


words by tom johnson

Star Sighs, the opening track on the new EP from Sunshine Faces, begins brightly and buoyantly before dissolving in to background noise; not in a negative way but a literal one, the song getting absorbed amid ambient sounds of laughter and joviality, like we’re suddenly in the middle of a party while some pals sing a song in the corner of the room. It makes for a somewhat giddy start but this loose scrappiness has always been a key aspect of Sunshine Faces; the musical project of Noah Rawlings, whose Peaked LP left such a marked impression on us back in 2015.

The rest of this sweet little EP is far more restrained, the following track ‘Sick In The Room Above’ playing out with a charming sense of restraint, the odd little flashes of colour indicative of Rawlings ability to find a meeting point between his singular vision and something far more embracive; following track ‘From The Kitchen’ is equally distinctive and intriguing.

A collection of songs for the season – see the artwork; check that title – the five tracks here fit seamlessly in to the weathered, brooding magic laid bare at this time of year, each track visible not just as an skeletal pop gem but as something altogether more tangible; warm pockets of breath in the cold air, drifting in to the ether all melancholy and blurred. Another short but inspired chapter in Sunshine Faces ever appealing song-book, you can stream ‘The Colder The Air’ EP in full below right now; it’s available as a pay-what-you-want download via Bandcamp.




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