Umber / Drops | Split EP

It’s hard to think of a prettier pairing than this. A few years after their band ceased to exist, Alex (Umber) and Liam (Drops) have joined ranks once again to created this wonderfully pretty split EP featuring four brand new tracks from their now fully-flourishing solo projects.

You may well already be familiar with Drops, for it’s his wonderful ‘Star Map‘ that opens our Lie Still Near You compilation, and his two tracks here, that open the EP, cover much of the same ground; gorgeous, intricate guitar loops and an over-bearing sense of warmth that constantly radiates. And Umber proves to be the perfect companion, delivering yet more richly captivating soundtracks that seem to float and fall all around you, casting a slow, quiet spell. On their own terms, they’re four of the prettiest songs we’ve heard this year. Taken as one, it’s an EP that’s both lovingly crafted and stunningly delivered.

It’ll be available as digital download from Bandcamp from Wednesday October 2nd and will also be available as a print of the artwork on recycled card, which will also come with a free download code. Luckily for you, you can stream it exclusively below right now. Enjoy…



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