good how are you EP


words by tom johnson

Just as many of us stumble back in to the real world, muddy minded and disorientated after the holiday period, ther today unveil their brand new EP, and the four-song carries that same sense of unsteadiness and muted poignancy as the season it finds itself in, quietly ticking along like days marked off a calendar with no recollection of what they actually held. Released on Bee Side Cassettes – who released one of our favourite tapes of 2017 with Slow Ref’s magical self-titled effort – the EP gets a full release this Friday but is available to stream below right now.

The previously-heard ‘grandma‘ remains a beautifully touching stand-out (and familial ode), and the warmth that underlines that track – the personal nature of the words, the sympathetic instrumentation, all dusty percussion and lilting guitars – sits as the EP’s core, each track making a subtle impression of its own. Opening track ‘I read “Dune”‘ weaves tender touches of brass in to its quiet unraveling, and closing track ‘the color blue‘ does the same, an equally wilted shadow that gently spreads out of the speakers and in to the listener’s surroundings.

It’s perhaps ‘a dinosaur‘ that lingers the longest, the track swelling from its skeletal opening to a flourishing second-half that offers the EP’s most solid peaks, a crisp bloom that refocuses the gaze and drags you back in to the heart of the songs that might have otherwise have drifted in to the ether – as pleasant as such a thing is.

A fleeting and captivating start-point for the new year, listen to the EP in full right here – you can pre-order via the link below.

good how are you‘ is released on Bee Side Cassettes, on January 5th



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