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The Pooches | Heart Attack [EP]

[GFP Premiere]


by tom johnson

If you found the lead track from The Pooches new EP to be a charming and eminently interesting introduction to the Glasgow band’s new EP then chances are you’ll be fully infatuated by the whole four-track release, which we’re very pleased to bring you a full stream of today, ahead of its release this coming Friday.

Now working with U.S¬†label Lame-O Records, the guitar-pop quartet take the Belle & Sebastian and Beach Boys comparisons that have stuck with them thus far and turn them in to something brilliantly refreshing. However, while there are certainly nods to the music of yesteryear, ‘Heart Attack’ is so full of luster and vitality that it only feels both exceedingly new and vital.¬†Swooning vocals climb out of every sun-tinged corner, dancing in the dust-filled ether with the smart and equally-engaging instrumentation that provides the kind of wistful guitar-led refrains that could forcibly instigate a shift in the seasons.

The previously-heard title-track retains a sense of breezy wistfulness, but it’s matched throughout the record; ‘Crabhammer’ is a succinct, melancholic strut, shaped by the rainy streets of a Glasgow winter, while ‘Pierre’ presents the most fanciful of guitar lines that propels the whole thing forward. It’s perhaps closing track ‘Rhythm Of The Rain’ that steals the show however, an effortlessly spirited renouncement that projects the band’s most compelling and endearing melody to-date.

Check it out below; very, very good indeed.

Heart Attack is released on January 29th, via Lame-O Records and Gnar Tapes.

Pre-order it here.



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