Ski Saigon

Brings the Storm Cloud


by ross jones

Ski Saigon, the adventurous project of Rhys Griffiths, contains a unique story within it’s alliterate moniker – one that forms the premise for the whole essence of the work and attaches sentimental weight to it’s already effecting composition. Based on the historical accounts of French soldiers stationed in Indochina through the 1940s and 50s, Griffiths imagines the disorientating atmosphere of the broad protagonists and pens a valuable account of personal isolation and alienation when away from home.

Griffiths creates unhurried, polished dream-pop – build on a foundation of skittish beats and languid rhythms that embody the tropical haze of humidity. The shy yet adventurous voice that narrates is welcoming, as soothing as the textures it lays across – throughout maintaining a spirited affection as Griffiths sings with vivid detail, questioning his own mind state and the reality he faces; “What I was thinking was I need new friends / what I was thinking was this is probably the end”.

With a bold, intriguing approach to design – Griffiths delves fully into a world much different to his own and finds the timeless elements that truly face us all. With appreciation and wonder, Ski Saigon has essential components that it will always thrive under. ‘Brings The Storm Cloud’ is being released as a CD-book package, containing a 32-page document on the story behind the historical events of Ski Saigon – a perfectly fitting accompaniment.

The EP is available tomorrow (26th August) through Art Is Hard Records


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