Miserable | Dog Days EP

by Tom Johnson

Because sometimes we need miserable. Sometimes we need to wallow a little. Sometimes we need to drink up a big gulp of solemnity to remember that life really is happening, and unraveling, and not waiting around for anyone, especially not us. The constant tide, the rush and the flow, the fractured nature of the day and the days, passing by in a constant haze of restlessness and repetition. And then the switch. The bare walls of a house, the silence creeping through the cracks and the need to be alone; to process, to recollect and to climb inside yourself for a while.

Dog Days is the new EP from Miserable – otherwise known as Kristina Esfandiari, formerly of San Fran indie rockers Whirr – and it’s these very aspects, the push and the pull of existence, that seem to bleed from every inch of her new dizzying and remarkable new EP. Released by the UK-based arts collective, Sad Girls Club, the four tracks here are startling in the rawness. Adorned by a thick fuzz of guitar, Esfandiar’s vocals fade in and out of the picture like the most unsettled of protagonists, but they remain the EPs true heartbeat. Sad and hopeful, pretty and powerful. Over and over and over again.

Stream it in full below and order a copy here.

Dog Days is released digitally on August 12th and on tape via Sad Girls Club later this year

as a beautiful, minimal art series drawn by Emily Fraser.

Pre-order the physical version here. Download it here.


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